About Us

How It All Began

We are often asked how Adorn Countertop was started, what made us think of the name “Adorn”, and how we come to create such a vast variety of looks. You’ll usually find us laugh a little and smile before we get into the story.

It all started by wanting to have our kitchen countertops replaced with granite or marble. The research begun to look around and ask countertop specialists for granite, marble and quartz as well. Laminate was out of the question.

A little shocked at the cost of real rock, the demolition involved in doing the countertops, the maintenance, the precautions that needed to be taken, resealing almost quarterly, and the list of “NO” and the “DO NOT” was overwhelming. The continuous refinishing procedures, and the costs involved. Some stores even decided to limit what they offer due to the limitations of the product available, such as  granite and marble and some quartz too.

We knew their needed to be alternatives to the high costs of natural stone. We set out on a journey to find the best way to get the look of granite and marble at the price of laminate. During our journey of trial and error, blood sweat and tears we have found a way simple enough for a DIY enthusiast to create unbelievable finishes for far less money than having laminate installed. Our epoxy is a one of a kind system that is heat and scratch resistant, Eco friendly, UV-resistant, zero VOC, renewable, and easy to use.

We provide customer service second to none!

We hope to earn your business!